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About Joseph Blackstock Services

Established as JB consulting in 2015

When you deal with J.B.S. you are not just dealing with a local agent here in Calgary Alberta, Canada, your choosing to open your options to the top tier providers for the exact services your looking for internationally

J.B.S. Brings a world of options to you, and can provide a top choice, or short list you can consider for your needs, be them personal, or business

 Joseph Blackstocks Career Highlights 

J.B.S. is the result of 25 years of Business Experience 

Entered a professional environment at the age of 15 in 1992

Designed prototypes and patented my first innovation in 1999

Launched my first Corporate entity in 2000

Co-Launched an income tax and accounting firm in 2005

the business grew to a multi million dollar evaluation in 3 years

Launched my first, of two successful service/retail locations in 2007

the second launched 18 months later

Successfully self employed since 2007

Corporate Consultant Contract, assisted in the growth of revenue, training of staff, and reduction of cost in 2015

producing a 300% in retails sales and 15% growth in service sales in the one term.

Entered the Business Process Outsourcing Industry in May of 2017

Summary of Personal Skill Set:

Small business needs assessments

Business Plans 

Market Analysis

Marketing Strategies 

Marketing services such as digital, web and textile

Office administration and management

Contract review and development

Bookkeeping and Accounting

Project management

Cloud based file management

Microsoft, Sage, and multiple C.R.M. platforms

Staff Training:

Retail Sales Advancement and Training programs 

Service Sales Advancement and Training programs 

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